Positioning Technology

The MARTIN Placement Principle

The MARTIN placement principle is simple and accurate. It does not require any technical solution to visually align components but uses a fix camera. Alignment and placement is achived atomatically by the result of some mouse clicks. 

AVP Positioning Technology for EXPERT 10.6

  • Step1: Click at Pattern on PCB
  • Step2: Click at Chip Corners
  • Step3: Automated ajustment and Placement

AVP stands for Advanced Vision Placement and achieves software supported, application independent placement of components.  This means:

  • No adjustment of the camera lens,
  • No alignment of respective camera images
  • Users merely mark the corners of the component with the mouse on the monitor image and the system takes over the automatic alignment and placement of the component
  • Components are accurately placed on the PCB
  • Simple automatic calibration

The patented process reduces placement errors to a minimum as the component is aligned by the high-resolution colour camera while suspended a very short distance above the board.
For the different component size ranges (µSMD->BGA or 0402 to 48x48mm²) three lenses with fixed magnifications are available.

SHP Placement Technology for EXPERT 04.6

  • Alignment of QFP using patented Startool Technology
  • Placement of QFP/SO with SHP

Manual adjustment and placement of components, exactly aligned with the pad arrangement of the board, happens simply and reliably with the SHP Positioning Arm.   STARTOOLS are used to pre align the placement position.   

The SHP Positioning Arm can be moved with great sensitivity in four axes: X,Y,Z,Θ.

After aligning the STARTOOL with the contact pattern of the board the component is attached by vacuum to the tool and carefully placed on the board.

The SHP Technology thus allows reliable placement of BGAS and QFPs in manual rework processes.