AVP Positioning Technology

AVP stands for Advanced Vision Placement and achieves software supported, application independent placement of components.  

  • No adjustment of the camera lens,
  • No alignment of respective camera images
  • Users merely mark the corners of the component with the mouse on the monitor image and the system takes over the automatic alignment and placement of the component
  • Components are accurately placed on the PCB
  • Simple automatic calibration

The patented process reduces placement errors to a minimum as the component is aligned by the high-resolution colour camera while suspended a very short distance above the board.
For the different component size ranges (µSMD->BGA or 0402 to 48 x 48 mm²) three lenses with fixed magnifications are available.




Advanced Time Pressure provides high accuracy, maintenance free and user-friendly dispensing application.

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MARTIN dispense systems use stored look-up tables to compensate for viscosity variations caused by temperature changes. This results in constant dispense volumes under production environments.

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Should the use of a fixed distance pin not be practical, the height sensor option can provide all the information required for accurate dispensing.

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