Through EASYBEAM V2 all underheater from HOTBEAM and HOTPLATE family as well as the MINIOVEN 05 can be controlled and operated.

The graphical display of temperature reading allows comfortable optimization of heating profiles. Profile parameters can be set on the monitor and profile names can easily be assigned. The user interface allows a process documentation for audit purposes.

The software loads the heating profiles from the underheater and allows the user to either run profiles or modify parameter. Heating parameters of all 50 profiles can be edited. At the end of optimization profiles might be saved back to the underheater device. 

It is also possible to archive heating profiles. By loading profiles from the underheater and saving them to an external memory they are protected from unwanted changes. Once work processes have been defined, they can be easily reinstalled.

The LOCK-function can be activated from EASYBEAM V2 only. This function disables the change of profile parameters from the front panel of the device, which is a strong feature for all processes with high QC standards.




The CLEVER DISPENSE Pro software enables you to work with the dispenser with ease.

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EASY DISPENSE 08 combines editor and processing software.

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The software EASYSOLDER 07 guides the user through the entire rework process with clarity.

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