Manual rework
Software-controlled Rework station with camera for repairing medium-sized to small circuit boards.
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Top FeaturesManual rework of BGA, QFP and sockets.

Various PCB sizes and shapes as well as components available
Under-heating system
IR heating system, variable heating area
One device for all processes, including desoldering, pad cleaning, camera-supported positioning and soldering
Precise camera-supported placement
Simple, intuitive, tablet-compatible
Plug and Play
Compact format, innovative design and intuitive operation for professional manual rework


The Rework station with 2,000 W heating power in IR technology allows uniform heating over an area of 185 x 245 mm² and prevents mechanical stress due to temperature differences during the process. The high-resolution camera delivers fast, accurate and reproducible placement results. Even the smallest components from a size of 1x1 mm2can be repaired and placed. User-friendly handling is provided by the touch-enabled EASYSOLDER 07 software. Reflow profiles with individual temperature parameters can be created, edited and saved and enable high process reliability and repeatable soldering. The Expert 05.6 IXH is a precise, cost-effective solution for the complete rework process on one unit.

Product variations in the shop

EXPERT 05.6 IXH - 230 V

Manual IR rework station with camera

Article Nr.: HA00.5000
EXPERT 05.6 IXH - 115 V

Manual IR rework station with camera

Article Nr.: HA00.5100

Standard equipment

  • Two pens with magazine for soldering, residual solder removal and placing
  • Solder nozzle 7 mm, BGA soldering tool 27 x 27 mm²
  • Thermocouple sensor (Type K)
  • Two PCB magnet holder 40.5mm (standard)
  • PCB magnet holder rail 40.5mm
  • Manual
  • Intuitive software EASYSOLDER 07 with touch integration


  • LED rework
  • Daughter boards
  • Interposer boards
  • Sub assemblies
  • RF frames
  • RF shields
  • Rework on flex
  • Small passives down to 0402
  • SON
  • PGA
  • QFP
  • PoP
  • DFN
  • QFN
  • µBGA/CSP
  • BGA
  • Sockets
  • Connectors
  • CPU
  • Underfiller or coated components
  • Film capacitor


  • Dipping
  • Paste printing
  • Solder removal
  • Soldering
  • Desoldering
  • Reballing

Technical details

Power consumption: 2,500 VA
Power solder pen: 300 W, 35 l/min
Power under-heating system: 500-2000 W 4 x IR-lamps
Size under-heating system: 185 x 245 mm²
Max. PCB size: 200 x 260 mm2
Mains: 1Phase, 230VAC, Absicherung 16A
Pressurized air: 5-8 bar, 100 l/min clean, dry air
Airflow:: 2-35 l/min
High resolution CMOS-camera: 1600 x 1200 Pixel, USB2
Dimensions: 660 x 360 x 390 mm3
Weight: 22 kg


Optional extras

Tape feeder 8mm

Article Nr.: SF42.0301
APP Tool Pedestal

for SHP positioning arm

Article Nr.: SF44.0501
APP Tool Printer

for SHP positioning arm

Article Nr.: SF44.0502
APP Tool Basic Dipp

for SHP positioning arm

Article Nr.: SF44.0503
APP Tool µSMD Pocket

for SHP positioning arm

Article Nr.: SF44.0504
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