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"Innovative through research" awarded by the Stifterverband

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Germering, May 2019.
The rework station with integrated camera positioning system offers a cost-effective solution for the complete rework process. With the integrated camera even the smallest components can be manually placed and repaired with high precision.

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Germering, April 2017.
In the Smart Desolder 01 MARTIN combines a manual hot-gas source with a vacuum pen for noncontact extraction of residual solder.

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Professional Dispensing in Engineering Wessling, November 2016.
The dispensing specialist MARTIN expands their portfolio by the high-end dispensing device PROFI DISPENSE 06, specially designed for application in automation engineering.

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MARTIN provides constant temperature conditions
Wessling, March 2016.
At the SMT Nuremberg 2015 the Rework + Dispense Specialist MARTIN GmbH presented their advancements in dispense technology for the first time.

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Wessling, February 2016.
Carlotta Baumann is the new CEO of the company MARTIN. Thus, for the first time a woman is head of the rework and dispense specialist MARTIN.

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Wessling, August 2015.
The trend towards increasingly small structures and integration of functionality in PCBs is challenging for dispensing systems.

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Wessling, July 2015.
Reballing valuable BGA modules becomes increasingly important. For many years now, BGA modules are successfully reballed using the flexible MINIOVEN desktop devices by MARTIN. After reballing, they are soldered back onto the electronic ...

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The Ideal Combination...

Wessling, March 2015.
Advanced and more complex electronic assemblies continue to present new technical challenges. At the 2015 SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition in Nuremberg on 05 - 07 May, the Rework and Dispense innovator MARTIN GmbH will ...

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Operator Convenience – First and Foremost (published in productronic 03/2013)

SMT assembly lines undergo continuous changes.
On the path to optimal assembly a lot of time and effort has been expended in recent years, especially in the realms of process feedback: only ...

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Over recent years, a lot of investment has gone into improving processes to increase efficiency and quality. It is not surprising that this has also led to demands for greater reliability and repeatability in rework. MARTIN has recognized ...

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