ATP Dispense Technology

ATP stands for Advanced Time Pressure and provides high accuracy, maintenance free and user-friendly dispensing processes.  Special software algorithms, processing information from sensors and other hardware, produce extraordinary results and process stability across the widest possible range of materials. The detailed advantages ATP:

  • Display of dispensing volume in mm³ (0.001 - 9.999 mm³)
  • Wide range of materials; Viscosities between 0.3-100000 mPas can be processed with the same control unit
  • Dispensing pressure adjustable between 0.2 to 5.0 bar
  • Compensation for temperature dependent viscosity variations. Current media temperature is automatically established with a sensor
  • Compensation for fill level changes by analysis of pressure progress
  • Compensation for pressure changes in the compressed air supply by analysis of pressure progress
  • Compensation for valve properties by analysis of pressure progress
ATP-The precise time pressure principle



Software supported, application independent placement of components is achieved by Advanced Vision Placement.

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MARTIN dispense systems use stored look-up tables to compensate for viscosity variations caused by temperature changes. This results in constant dispense volumes under production environments.

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Should the use of a fixed distance pin not be practical, the height sensor option can provide all the information required for accurate dispensing.

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