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MARTIN is a globally active company in the field of special mechanical engineering. For many years MARTIN has been developing REWORK and DISPENSE systems for customers from various industries. We offer precise, fast, handy and intuitive devices for all necessary work steps. Our product range is divided into two areas: REWORK and DISPENSE.

ReworkComplete solutions.

For rework and repair, we offer the right product for every step. From desoldering, removing residual solder and reballing, to placement and soldering. Our EASYSOLDER 07 software makes it possible to create precise reflow profiles for the EXPERT family and to guarantee optimum results.

DispenseAlways on point.

Precise dispensing of liquid media is becoming increasingly important due to the ever-increasing miniaturization of components. To meet this challenge, Martin offers dispensers for desktop and automated line production. Complete control of cartridge and dispensing nozzle temperature enables high repeat accuracy of volumetric dispensers. Expensive materials such as solder pastes, adhesives and filled materials can be processed cost-effectively. Our software makes it possible to achieve exact results immediately using the material library.

WorldwideWe are represented in 42 countries.

Industrial sectorsWe support innovation in the following industries.

Professional and high-quality rework restores the correct functions of electronic components. The service life of the assembled printed circuit board is hardly impaired after the rework value chain has been carried out correctly.

Industrie 4.0Digital transformation “Made in Germany.”

Martin offers specialized equipment for the entire range of qualifiable rework processes. The devices in the EXPERT series are equipped with intuitive and touch-enabled EASYSOLDER 07 software. Components between 0.5 mm x 0.25 mm (0402) and 75 mm x 75 mm can be desoldered, placed and soldered at an accuracy of within 15μm. With the help of App Tools and the MINIOVEN 05, it is possible to prepare various component shapes for the process. Precise soldering profiles by reflow heating technology are our core competence. In combination with the devices of the Dispense series, we create a perfect environment for your projects. The camera-supported devices offer the unbeatable advantage of being able to monitor the entire process. Our unique positioning technology enables fast and extremely precise detailed work. With our stations, we guarantee perfect solutions, resource-conserving processes and reproducible results.

News & PresseLatest News.

Germering, May 2019
With the Expert 05.6 IXH rework station, which contains an integrated camera positioning system, MARTIN offers a cost-effective solution for the complete rework process. With the integrated camera even the smallest components can be manually placed ...

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Germering, April 2017.
In the Smart Desolder 01 MARTIN combines a manual hot-gas source with a vacuum pen for noncontact extraction of residual solder. The new device will be presented at the SMT in Nuremberg ...

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Professional Dispensing in Engineering Wessling, November 2016. The dispensing specialist MARTIN expands their portfolio by the high-end dispensing device PROFI DISPENSE 06, specially designed for application in automation engineering.

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