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Software supported, application independent placement of components is achieved by Advanced Vision Placement.

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Manual camera-supported adjustment and placement of components via the MCP positioning arm. Precisely aligned to the pad structures of the PCB, it is accomplished in a user-friendly and reliable way.

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The pre-bumping process can be easily and safely performed with MARTIN's pre-bumping tools. These have been specially developed for use with the MINIOVEN.

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Reballing with the Minioven cuts cost and lead time by not outsourcing the product.

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Advanced Time Pressure provides high accuracy, maintenance free and user-friendly dispensing application.

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MARTIN dispense systems use stored look-up tables to compensate for viscosity variations caused by temperature changes. This results in constant dispense volumes under production environments.

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Should the use of a fixed distance pin not be practical, the height sensor option can provide all the information required for accurate dispensing.

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Logging function for CLEVER DISPENSE 06

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All DOTLINER machines are supplied with a CCD camera. The camera allows, amongst other features, the confirmation of the actual PCB position, compared with the alignment fiducials in the program.

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To avoid uncontrolled dripping of material from the dispensing tip the option Retain Vaccum is available. This is especially important when dealing with low viscosities (ie thin liquids).

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