The newly developed EASY DISPENSE 08 software provides an intuitive interface between the user and the new DOTLINER 08, which is equipped with a precise XYZ gantry system and innovative MARTIN dispensing technology.

EASYDISPENSE 08 features intuitive menu navigation and easy management of various projects with recipes and process parameters. Changes and file format conversion can be done directly in the program without the need for additional Software.

  • Supported file formats (Gerber, Extended Gerber, Excellon data, NCD data, -DXF, G-Code, Step, STL)
  • Import of existing projects (e.g. DL07.6), Excellon (*NCD files)    
  • Easy editing of Gerber data via editor (line and dot dispensing)
  • full integration of the CLEVER DISPENSE06 technology
  • Media and recipe management
  • Nozzle library
  • High process stability and reproducibility
  • Temperature compensation
  • Temperature control of cartridge and dispensing needle
  • Traceability via machine and process data logging



The CLEVER DISPENSE Pro software enables you to work with the dispenser with ease.

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The software for creating, editing and saving heating profiles.

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The software EASYSOLDER 07 guides the user through the entire rework process with clarity.

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