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Wessling, November 2011. The newest challenge directed at the Engineers of Rework Specialists MARTIN in Wessling concerned components in the form: Package on Package (PoP), which are mostly used in mobile phones because of the limited space available. These packages often consist of two or three stacked BGAs.

When repairing such arrangements it is quite common to have to desolder and remove each layer separately.  Extraordinary requirements are placed on the temperature regulation and the whole of the equipment control to avoid overheating any components or boards and to be able to ‘peel off’ one layer at a time.

The new MARTIN Software Easy Solder facilitates this application and extends the use of Martin’s EXPERT 10.6 series of rework stations. 




Wessling, November 2011.
With combined soldering and pick up tooling for the MARTIN EXPERT series QFN components can be desoldered and safely lifted off the boards.

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Wessling, November 2011. With increasingly large Printed Circuit Boards, especially in the communications sector, preheating during rework assumes a deciding role.

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Wessling, November 2011. At the heart of every modern computer, the CPU is responsible for all the most important tasks. Even the smallest defect in the interconnection with the printed circuit board leads to malfunctions or missing significant functions. The use of sockets ...

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