Relying on Sockets

Wessling, November 2011. At the heart of every modern computer, the CPU is responsible for all the most important tasks. Even the smallest defect in the interconnection with the printed circuit board leads to malfunctions or missing significant functions. The use of sockets simplifies CPU replacement, however, reworking sockets demands the highest standards in suitable equipment.

PC Boards, with high density of sensitive components, require gentle heating of the whole board and accurately controlled soldering profiles.

The new MARTIN Expert-10.6 generation is eminently suited to these tasks.  Powerful, large area Hybrid Underheaters with up to 10,000 W of energy available and heated areas up to 500 x 650mm ensure that the required energy is distributed evenly.  Socket specific tools enable simple and accurately repeatable handling of components.  Neighbouring components, such as small passives, are neither desoldered nor overheated.

The software and camera controlled Positioning arm of the Expert-10.6, the Auto-Vision-Placer, lifts even heavy, metal framed sockets without problem and exactly replaces them on the board. 

With intuitive software control of the proven placement technology and the available options, the Expert-10.6 family represents cost-effective equipment, spanning the complete rework process, especially for contract reworkers and repair centres.




Wessling, June 2011. LEDs are well on the way to becoming the most innovative components with the fastest growth rate.

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Wessling, May 2011. Following the successful introduction of the Hybrid Heating Technology in MARTIN’s EXPERT 10.6 rework systems, stand-alone Underheaters are now available utilizing the same technology. MARTIN GmbH thus augments the existing HOTBEAM product family with ...

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Wessling, May 2011. The EXPERT Rework System family by MARTIN GmbH has been extended with the addition of a rework station for small PCBs. The EXPERT 10.6 IV comes complete with the proven IRH Infra Red Underheater which can pre-heat PCBs from smart phones or sensor ...

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