The HOTBEAM Family

Wessling, November 2011. With increasingly large Printed Circuit Boards, especially in the communications sector, preheating during rework assumes a deciding role.

The specialists at MARTIN in Wessling cover almost all board formats with their HOTBEAM family:  from the smallest, inexpensive infra red Underheater HOTBEAM 04 with a heated area of 105x130mm up to the largest,  the HOTBEAM 10 and an area of 500 x 650mm.  MARTIN’s revolutionary Hybrid Technology provides up to 10 000 W of energy for very large, multi layered boards up to 530 x 710 mm in size. 
The Underheater family from MARTIN includes 5 models which ensure that there is a suitable version available for any size and heat capacity of board. 




Wessling, November 2011. At the heart of every modern computer, the CPU is responsible for all the most important tasks. Even the smallest defect in the interconnection with the printed circuit board leads to malfunctions or missing significant functions. The use of sockets ...

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Wessling, June 2011. LEDs are well on the way to becoming the most innovative components with the fastest growth rate.

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Wessling, May 2011. Following the successful introduction of the Hybrid Heating Technology in MARTIN’s EXPERT 10.6 rework systems, stand-alone Underheaters are now available utilizing the same technology. MARTIN GmbH thus augments the existing HOTBEAM product family with ...

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