Online Demos

Contact us to schedule an online demo – we will show you our equipment capabilities and how we can help solve your specific rework and dispensing applications.

Despite international travel restrictions and postponed trade shows, we want to support you in your investment process and decisions.  A live online product demo is an effective and convenient way of experiencing our range of advanced rework and dispensing solutions from the comfort of your work space.

If you are working on  a specific  project, it‘s best to send us your component and board samples in advance. This allows for targeted preparation and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate  our competencies based on your specific application challenge.

If you prefer to start with a basic product introduction, we will be happy to take you through an overview of product functions  and features via video conference.

Find your local contact person.



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"Innovative through research" awarded by the Stifterverband

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Germering, May 2019.
The rework station with integrated camera positioning system offers a cost-effective solution for the complete rework process. With the integrated camera even the smallest components can be manually placed and repaired with high precision.

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Germering, April 2017.
In the Smart Desolder 01 MARTIN combines a manual hot-gas source with a vacuum pen for noncontact extraction of residual solder.

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