Training & Certification: BGA/CSP/QFN rework with Expert 10.6!

BGA/CSP/QFN rework with our intensive training and certification course with the Expert 10.6. Gain practical expertise and official certification. Register now for sessions in Heerlen, NL.

The purpose of this training is to train the participant theoretically but especially practical in the qualified placement and removal of various types of Ball Grid Arrays and Bottom Termination Components (BTC) on printed circuit board assemblies with various types of thermal masses.

This is done according to the relevant international IPC standards such as:

  • IPC-7711-7721 Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic assemblies
  • ANSI/J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic assemblies
  • IPC-7093 Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom
  • IPC-7095 Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGAs

Dates and times

21.Mai 2024, in Heerlen, NL

09.Juli 2024, in Heerlen, NL

05.November 2024, in Heerlen, NL

17.Dezember 2024, in Heerlen, NL

Training structure

  • IPC-7095 & 7093
  • Qualified Rework & Repair of BGA/CSP/QFN
  • X-ray inspection of BGA components
  • BGA Reballing
  • BGA Pad Repair and Modification


This training is intended for participants who are directly or indirectly involved in the rework and repair of printed circuit boards assemblies on which Ball Grid Array components are mounted


PIEK has an Expert 10.6 HV Rework stations in Heerlen.


Program theory:

  • Introduction Ball Grid Array
  • BGA Rework
  • QFN Rework
  • CSP Rework
  • BGA Reballing
  • X-Ray inspection BGAs, BTCs, QFNs

Program practice:

  • Making Reflow profiles (time temperature curve)
  • BGA Rework
  • QFN Rework CSP Rework
  • Cleaning & Pad Preparation
  • Reballing Ball Grid Array
  • BGA Pad Repair and Modification


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