Volumetric Dispensing

Professional Dispensing in Engineering Wessling, November 2016.
The dispensing specialist MARTIN expands their portfolio by the high-end dispensing device PROFI DISPENSE 06, specially designed for application in automation engineering.

In plant and mechanical engineering long hose lengths between dispensing control and dispensing head can be required. For avoiding the disadvantages thereof, the electronic-control and the dispensing pneumatic (PM06) of the PROFI DISPENSE 06 are split into two individual modules. The benefits become evident in the small size of control unit, pneumatic module and in the accuracy of the dispensing results. 
The dispensing capability of many materials can be improved or even enabled through targeted temperature control. This knowledge was integrated into the development of the new PROFI DISPENSE. Various modules are available for control of the nozzle heating, cartridge and cooling of the media. 
Dispensing programs are created and managed well-arranged with the Software CLEVER DISPENSE Pro on the PROFI DISPENSE. A material library allows working by recipes. In this case, all application parameters such as dispensing pressure, retaining volume or nozzle and cartridge temperature are stored and allow for complete control of the dispensing process of liquid to pasty material. 




MARTIN provides constant temperature conditions
Wessling, March 2016.
At the SMT Nuremberg 2015 the Rework + Dispense Specialist MARTIN GmbH presented their advancements in dispense technology for the first time.

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Wessling, February 2016.
Carlotta Baumann is the new CEO of the company MARTIN. Thus, for the first time a woman is head of the rework and dispense specialist MARTIN.

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Wessling, August 2015.
The trend towards increasingly small structures and integration of functionality in PCBs is challenging for dispensing systems.

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