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A woman at the top
Carlotta Baumann takes over the Management of the MARTIN GmbH

Carlotta Baumann

Wessling, February 2016. Carlotta Baumann succeeds Felix Frischkorn who managed the company since it was taken over by Finetech GmbH & Co. KG in 2010. Thus, for the first time a woman is head of the rework and dispense specialist MARTIN in Wessling.

Carlotta Baumann (28) studied electrical technology in Berlin and completed her master’s thesis on ‘Development of a High-Performance Digital DC/DC Buck Converter Extended by a High Voltage High Side Driver Circuit’ in the sensor technology and actuating elements field of expertise.

Carlotta Baumann, “I am enthusiastically participating and looking forward to this new position. I am very committed to the team. Together we will expand our position in the increasingly ambitious rework market. 

We see great opportunities in the field of dispensing technology. The completely new developed product family CLEVER DISPENSE 06 and SMART DISPENS 06 works on the basis of material libraries. In addition, cartridges and nozzles can be tempered. Thereby completely new possibilities for expanding into new business fields opened up. It is my goal to acquire new customers for these products and establish new cooperations.  We are very confident that these products will contribute to the growth of the company.”