Retain vacuum

To avoid uncontrolled dripping of material from the dispensing tip the option Retain Vacuum is available.  This is especially important when dealing with low viscosities (ie thin liquids).  The amount of material in the syringe significantly affects this aspect. Too much vacuum can lead the material being pulled back into the dispensing tip and possibly causing the generation of air bubbles.  This challenge is automatically addressed by the self regulating vacuum function in CLEVER DISPENSE units after a single set up.  Repeatable, clean dispensing results are achieved with rare blockages for the complete syringe filing.

Retain vacuum controlls the vacuum level in respect to fill level



Advanced Time Pressure provides high accuracy, maintenance free and user-friendly dispensing application.

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Software supported, application independent placement of components is achieved by Advanced Vision Placement.

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MARTIN dispense systems use stored look-up tables to compensate for viscosity variations caused by temperature changes. This results in constant dispense volumes under production environments.

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