Soldering Tools

Wessling, April 2012.
IR Measurement Technology for the design and optimization of hot gas soldering tools results in greater process reliability and enables the most challenging tasks.

The number of interconnections on a printed circuit board is constantly increasing.  Since connectors are often arranged around the periphery of a board, they are moving closer together. For example, it can be a real challenge to safely rework plugs or sockets without damaging surrounding components.
Only with appropriate soldering tools and hot gas technology is it possible to precisely deliver heat to the joints for melting solder.  MARTIN uses precision hot gas sources and, for years, has been developing application specific soldering tools. The heat distribution across a component is examined  with infrared measurement technology, then optimized and documented.  The result is effective soldering tools that, as an example, allow BGA components to float and realign on liquid solder. Specifically designed soldering tools can even allow for the unequally distributed copper structures below the pad layout. 
The influence of heat on sensitive surface mount plugs could be relatively benign when desoldering. However, when resoldering, too much heat can easily damage the fine plastic surrounds.  Particularly for plugs and sockets, flawless heat management in a tool is essential for high quality rework. 
For the rapid and safe removal of components (eg Flash for PoP or QFN), MARTIN uses  proprietary vacuum nozzle technology in their soldering tools. Experienced MARTIN technicians can help customers find solutions for seemingly impossible rework challenges.




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Wessling, November 2011.
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