HOTBEAM family

Low profile bottom heater for pre-warming of PCBs

Applications for underheaters range from pre-heating of PCBs for hand soldering tasks over pre-heating for automated machine rework to curing or cracking of underfill.

MARTIN offers a wide choice of underheaters. They can be classified by size of the heater and heater performance.
For preheating of PCBs (even double sided) IR heater are available up to a power rating of 2.000W. For efficient  rework on heavy electrical systems with flat bottom surface and LED PCBs the powerful under heater HOTPLATE-04 with 700W is recommended.

  • Pre-HEating of a PCB to rework electrical components manually
    Pre-HEating of a PCB to rework electrical components manually

Please check with your local MARTIN representative as to which combinations and options are possible.

HOTBEAM Underheater



Infrared Underheater. 500 W heating power are available to heat up PCB efficienly and precise. Uniquie features are the very compact design and the fast responding and precise heating source.

Bottom heater (IR):50 W - 500 W
Top heater (hot gas):no
Board size (max):130 mm x 150 mm
Foot print:150 mm x 300 mm


HOTPLATE 04 is a flat and and powerful under heater allows efficient  work on heavy electrical systems with flat bottom surface and LED PCBs.

Power Underheater:700 W, Resistive Heater 
Temperature Range:50 °C – 300 °C, 1°C Schritte
Temperature Homogenity:+-5°C @ 300°C
Size of Heated Area:115 x 125 mm²


Infrared underheater. 2.000 W heating power are available to heat up hevy PCB efficienly. Uniquie features are the very compact design, the large power density and the fast responding heating source. 

Bottom heater (IR):600 W - 2.000 W
Top heater (hot gas):no
Board size (max):260 mm x 200 mm
Foot print:450 mm x 370 mm

More Information

Option and Accessories

PCB Support for EXPERT and HOTBEAM 05

The secure and still flexible PCB fixation in EXPERT rework systems and HOTBEAM underheaters is realized with clamps and holders from 40,5 PCB Support family. Three different Flex-Support bars provide additional PCB support from underneath. This becomes important when using large scale PCB.

PCB Support HOTBEAM 04 (high profile)

When HOTBEAM 04 underheaters are used on the work bench, the magnetic clamps and holders from 55,5 mm PCB Support family are best to fix electronic assemblies above the heater. Also with these products best flexibility and long term reliability are in first place.

PCB Support HOTBEAM (table flush mounts)

With only 20mm working height over table top this PCB Support family is worlds flattest standard selection. Preferably these products are used in combination with table flush mounts. Even densely and until edge populated PCBs are hold properly and stable above the heater.

Flush Mount Set

Installing this set into the workbench underheater from HOBEAM Family become one with the table. The working height is reduced and this improves ergonomic quality of the workspace. Also electrical cables are stored away properly and do not provide danger or disturb in work flow.

Typ-K Temperature Meter

The in rework usually applied temperature sensors (thermocouple type K) are perfectly to use with HTM-06. The handheld temperature meter is battery driven and extremely reliable. The device can be calibrated on demand.


The set-up administration and back-up of underheater profile data is supported by the PC software EASYBEAM in best way. The underheater is connected via USB with the computer. Thus the operator has access to all device data and may even operate it remotely, too.

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