Hybrid Underheaters

Wessling, May 2011. Following the successful introduction of the Hybrid Heating Technology in MARTIN’s EXPERT 10.6 rework systems, stand-alone Underheaters are now available utilizing the same technology. MARTIN GmbH thus augments the existing HOTBEAM product family with two large area Underheaters -- offering heating areas of 275x245mm (HOTBEAM 08) and 450x420mm (HOTBEAM 09).

_testControl of the devices via two buttons and a turn knob is simple and intuitive. Up to 99 Profiles can be programmed, saved and executed. Two sensor inputs for thermocouples type K are available and allow the machine to operate in closed-loop mode with constant temperature. Also constant power mode is an available option of operation.
The main advantage of these newly released machines is their ability to precisely and uniformly heat medium-sized and even large-sized PCB’s (up to 480x500mm²). Also heavy, multilayer PCBs or ceramic circuit boards (CCB) can be processed quickly and reliably even with reflective surfaces on the bottom side. Thanks to hybrid heating technology, the temperature is evenly distributed over the sample area, thereby dramatically reducing any bending, twisting or warping effects. Mechanical stress is minimized and the rework cycle is easy on the PCB. 
The preheated PCB can be processed by hand. Typical applications include connectors, thru hole and LED rework, or any simple soldering task where a solder iron does the job.




Wessling, May 2011. The EXPERT Rework System family by MARTIN GmbH has been extended with the addition of a rework station for small PCBs. The EXPERT 10.6 IV comes complete with the proven IRH Infra Red Underheater which can pre-heat PCBs from smart phones or sensor ...

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