Residual Solder Removal for Rework


Accurate residual solder removal (also known as site dressing) is an important factor in the success of most rework applications. The video shows how the Martin hot air pen and teflon tipped vacuum tool (teflon will not damage the pads) work together to easily remove the solder. This module is included in the base system of the EXPERT 10.6 and 5.6 rework stations. This module is also available as a standalone device SMART DESOLDER.

Soldering and Desoldering

Different tool support the user in establishing new processes and offer a high degree of flexibility. The EasySolder software facilitates straightforward profile generation and management – saving valuable time.

Removal of Residual Solder

Thanks to integration in the workstation this process step takes advantage of the remaining heat energy from the desoldering step. This saves time and energy. Process parameters are managed in the data bank and referenced to specific components.


With the EasySolder software the application of solder paste, flux or underfill is a simple task. Viscosity and dispensing volume of each dot can be set accurately. 

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Application of Delo Photobond DM4083
Industrial research, project no. 19390N „Fadenfrei“
Institute of Joining and Welding,
Technical University Braunschweig

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The semi-automatic Rework station with hot gas facilitates the reliable and precise rework of BGA, CSP, and QFN components, connectors, sockets, micro SMDs and more.

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With the manual Rework station Expert 05.6 IXH, MARTIN offers a cost-effective solution for the complete rework process, from desoldering, pad cleaning, positioning to soldering.

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