The semi-automatic dispensing robot is suitable for applications using media of low to high viscosity in small batch production and prototyping.
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Top Features

Different substrate sizes can easily be processed
Same device function for media with different viscosities
Process stability
Dispensing pressure, temperature and retain vacuum are set under program control
Constant volume can be applied regardless of viscosity
Easy application of pasty materials using cartridge and nozzle heating


In DOTLINER dispensing robots the PCB is not moving but fixed in place. This eases loading and unloading of PCBs. MARTINs flexible PCB holders and PCB support tools allow the secure and stable installation of the substrates.   DOTLINER machines apply the well-proven ATP dispensing technology and are best prepared for micro dispensing applications. That involves dispensing of liquid materials like i.e. oil as well as high viscose products such as solder paste or grease.  A wide range of selections allow for instance heating of the dispense nozzle, cooling of cartridge, or the measuring of dispense height with touch-down sensor. All options can be used and configured through the PC software EASY DISPENSE Pro. A color CCD camera with Auto-Zoom function is available to measure-in the sample position.  MARTINs low stress dispense nozzles provide best material delivery conditions and are available with various nozzle diameter. Mechanical adapter take care to match even standard dispense needles with the heated MARTIN nozzle receptacle. The standard interface at DOTLINER dispense head enable quick change of the dispense heads.

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for solder paste + adhesives

Article Nr.: PD00.0071

Standard equipment

  • Control unit with 5ccm dispensing head
  • Motorized XYZ gantry system (stepper motor)
  • Colour-zoom-camera
  • 4x PCB magnet holders 40.5mm (standard)
  • PCB support rail DL-type
  • Test point and standby platform
  • Manual

Technical details

Max. PCB size: 500 x 400 mm2
Travel: 495 x 325 mm
Travel speed: 1 – 9000 mm/min
Resolution of axes: 0.013 mm
Dot volume: 0.0005 – 5.0 mm³
Dot diameter: ≥ 0,1 mm
Line pressure: 0.1 – 5.0 bar
Syringe heating: 20 - 50 °C
Temperature compensation: 0 - 50 °C
Mains: 230 VAC / 140 VA
Pressurized air: 5.5 - 8 bar / water and oil free
Dimensions: 700 x 600 mm²


Retract vacuum: -20 mbar – 0 mbar
Height sensor: For dispensing head
Cartridge cooling: -10K -> Ambient

Optional extras

Dispensing head 3ccm

with heating, for CD04/05

Article Nr.: DK00.0055
Dispensing head 5ccm

with heating, for CD04/05

Article Nr.: DK00.0052
Dispensing head 10ccm

with heating, for CD04/05

Article Nr.: DK00.0053
Dispensing head 30ccm

with heating, for CD04/05

Article Nr.: DK00.0054
Dispensing head 55ccm

with heating, for CD04/05

Article Nr.: DK00.0056
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