Extraction of residual Solder

The SMART DESOLDER combines a manual hot gas source with a vacuum pen for extraction. Damage to the pads from overheating or mechanical stress is avoided through targeted heating of the residual solder after lifting the component. The temperature-controlled airflow prevents the neighboring components from warming up.

After melting, the residual solder is removed gently by the vacuum pen. The use of a Teflon tip in the vacuum pen offers outstanding features: the nonstick effect, the temperature-resistance and the mechanically soft surface of the material. 

Even small and less complex soldering works can be done with the SMART DESOLDER 01.

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Smart Desolder 01

As a stand-alone device, it virtually fits on any work bench and can be operated very flexible with two handheld pens.

Power consumption:480 W
Power solder pen:380 W, 25 l/min
Mains:100 – 240VAC, fuse TG,3A
Pressurized air:7.5 l/min max. 4bar clean, dry Air 
Footprint:270 x 150 x 60 mm²

Option and Accessories

Handy-Fix 03.1

Base Plate 280*380mm
4 x PCB Magnet Holder 40.5mm

Handy-Fix 06

Base Plate 280*380mm
4x PCB Magnet Holder, H=55.5 => 69,5mm adjustable

PCB Clamping Holder with 3 fingers

For small and mid size PCBs

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