Height detection

Precise dispensing on tilted surfaces
  • The height sensor is an option of the dispense head

A constant distance between board and dispensing tip is a basic requirement for reproducible dispensing results.  Should the use of a fixed distance pin not be practical while dispensing solder paste, the option Height Sensing will provide the required information needed for reliable dispensing.  Individual distances between dispensing tip and board surface is measured for each dot and the gap adjusted automatically and accurately. The sensitivity is as good as 0,01mm.

In some circumstances physical contact with the pad surfaces is not permitted.  In such cases the position of the PCB is established by the dispensing head measuring the board height at the extreme edges and the EASY-DISPENSE software compensating for any differences.  Defining the board surface as level or flat, yet possibly inclined, plain is called Surface Feedback and allows the machine control to keep the nozzle distance from the PCB surface constant by automatically adjusting the height of the dispensing head.