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EXPERT 05.6 IXH Rework Station

MARTIN bietet mit der REWORK Station EXPERT 05.6 IXH, die ein integriertes Kamera Positionierungssystem enthält, eine kostengünstige Lösung für den gesamten REWORK Prozess. Mit der integrierten Kamera können auch kleinste Bauteile mit hoher Präzision manuell ...

Board cleaning SMART DESOLDER & HOTBEAM 04

The SMART DESOLDER combines a manual hot gas source with a vacuum pen for extraction of residual solder. Damage to the pads from overheating or mechanical stress is avoided through targeted heating of the residual solder after lifting the component. The ...

Multichip Desolder EXPERT 10.6

The EXPERT 10.6 HV and HXV are perfect solutions for desoldering multiple components in one step. With this opportunity a tremendous amount of time can be saved. With less heating cycles the lifetime of the PCB is additionally increased. Martin offers various kind ...

Martin Expert 10.6 Rework System with Hybrid Heating Technology

The Martin Expert 10.6 rework station facilitates the reliable and precise rework of BGA, CSP, and QFN components, connectors, sockets, micro SMDs and more. Innovative technologies such as "Advanced Vision Placement", hybrid heating ...

Expert 4.6 rework system with Easy Solder (Martin)

Rework demo showing: - thermocouples for real time temperature feedback - solder flux application - top heater (convection) and bottom heater (infrared) - Easy Solder rework software - reflow process - successul desoldering and removal

BGA Reballing - Martin Reballer (Mini-oven)

Reballing and Prebumping With the Reballing- and Prebumping-Sets for the MINIOVEN rework turns into a success story. Whether applying solder to small QFNs or Reballing especially large BGAs, the MINIOVEN is well suited to almost any task, thanks to the ...

Printing Tool for Solder Paste or Flux - Martin Expert 10.6 Rework System

The Printer Tool on the Expert 10.6 rework system allows solder paste or flux to be printed directly onto small components such as quad flat no-leads, enabling immediate placement onto a printed circuit board. Printing ...

Micro SMD rework presentation tool - Martin Expert 10.6 rework station

For Extensive Tasks: EXPERT 10.6 The rework station family EXPERT 10.6 has been developed for the reliable and precise rework of SMDs, sockets and connectors. Innovative technologies, such as Advanced Vision Placement (AVP), ...

Flux dipping tool for SMT rework

BGA Flux Dipping on Martin Expert 10.6 rework system. Allows solder spheres on the underside of an area-array device to be coated with a controlled, defined volume of flux or solder paste.

Rework system using IR and convection heating - Martin Expert 10.6

27mm BGA repair on an rework station using IR / convection heating technologies for unmatched temperature uniformity.

Rework Station - Gaming Console Configuration

System for gaming console, PS3, xbox repair/rework - precise temperature control using a hybrid underboard heater, IR, and hot air convection.

Residual Solder Removal for Rework

Accurate residual solder removal (also known as site dressing) is an important factor in the success of most rework applications. The video shows how the Martin hot air pen and teflon tipped suction tool (teflon will not damage the pads) work together to easily ...

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