MARTIN and Dispensing:

The Ideal Combination...

Wessling, March 2015.
Advanced and more complex electronic assemblies continue to present new technical challenges. At the 2015 SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition in Nuremberg on 05 - 07 May, the Rework and Dispense innovator MARTIN GmbH will unveil two fresh dispensing solutions. The next generation CLEVER DISPENSE 06 and SMART DISPENSE 06, the industry benchmarks for manual dispensing have been further refined and improved.

Customers will benefit from recent advances in dispensing, especially for applications that demand very small and consistent volumes of solder pastes and adhesives. CLEVER DISPENSE 06 delivers increased precision and repeatability across an extremely wide range of viscosities. SMART DISPENSE 06 is now available with advanced valve technology ensuring that dispensed dots are well defined with repeatable volume. Both the CLEVER DISPENSE 06 and the SMART DISPENSE 06 will be available for viewing and demonstration at Stand 307, Hall 6.

High Tech Dispensing

MARTIN’s CLEVER DISPENSE 06 dispensing system operates with newly advanced dispensing algorithms. High speed valves enable CLEVER DISPENSE 06 to accurately and reliably produce less than 100µm dots and lines. Additionally a wide range of optional features are available, especially for controlling dispensing material temperature. 
CLEVER DISPENSE 06 dispensing cartridges and nozzles can now be heated as well as cooled. Dispensing pressures and vacuum retract are electronically controlled, providing maximum process repeatability. CLEVER DISPENSE considers specific media characteristics such as viscosity changes due to temperature fluctuations and compensates real-time for the mixing of two-part materials. A neatly arranged Material Library contains extensive media data and is available for users to input their specific dispensing recipes.
CLEVER DISPENS 06 offers practical USB or TCP/IP interfaces. MARTIN GmbH also provides custom solutions for OEM applications, including the integration of MARTIN dispensers and automated systems. Its compact design is particularly useful when space is at a premium.  
Accurate Dispensing
SMART DISPENSE 06, the other new arrival, benefits from newly improved control algorithms developed for the CLEVER DISPENSE 06. This precise dispenser is an essential tool for manual dispensing, providing both accuracy and repeatability at a superior value. Nozzle heating and vacuum regulation are optional features. A USB port allows rapid and off-line parameter settings.




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