• Compact and Complete best describe EXPERT 10.6 semi-automated rework stations. The wide range of system configurations provides the appropriate rework solution, from smart phone to server board.

  • EXPERT 04.6 rework stations for manual rework of SMT components, SMD placement, residual solder removal, and flux or solder paste dispensing. These compact systems with precise and efficient heating are controlled by Easy-Solder eco.

  • HOTBEAM 05 is the most powerfull IR underheater in its class. The prcise and quick control of heat delivery make it efficiant and well accepted in hand soldering applica- tions, specially with heavy mass PCB. 

  • The MINIOVEN 05 is a compact and robust table-top device specially designed for reballing of BGAs and prebumping of QFN components. Its highly efficient hybrid heating technology heats-up the electronic components like in a standard reflow oven.

  • PROFI DISPENSE 06 H/HC are professional dispensers. With their extremely flat housing format and the remote dispensing head these devices are the professional solution to be integrated in automation technology.

  • CLEVER DISPENSE 06 are professional dispensing devices for applications requiring highest accuracy.The control off all dispense parameter enable the reliable dispensing of smallest dots and lines.