The New Gold Standard: Expert-10.6XL Rework System for Gold and Ceramic Boards

Wessling, February 2010. The Rework System Expert-10.6XL is MARTIN’s flagship when the soldering and removal of components on large format printed circuit boards is involved. Its special feature is the integrated Hot Air Technology, which as of now allows gold and ceramic boards to be processed with the required precision.

The new technology operates with an IR heater, supported by gentle airflow. This produces a temperature distribution of ± 7°@190°C, which, for boards up to 500 x 600mm, enables gentle rework. One of the achievements is that the convection airflow is only there in a supportive role. Operators experience much less hot air being blown in their direction, as is the case for purely hot air systems. Reflective PCBs (ceramic, uncoated copper, gold coated) can be reliably processed with this system. Rates of heating are a respectable 2°C/s.
The Alpha and Omega: Board Fixing
The relative flexibility of large boards, when locating only from the edges, is a challenge in all processes. MARTIN’s Technicians have solved this problem with the development of Flex-Support. This assembly is located between the PCB and the Underheater and supports the boards with 10 metal pins. In the unclamped state of the Flex-Support each pin gently stays in contact with the underside of the board. Turning the clamping knob fixes the pins in their current position. The initial level is maintained and any topography is taken account of. The operation is ingeniously simple, very easy to use and extremely popular, since the printed circuit board can no longer sag during the rework process and sit located more securely.
CompactedThe system has also been improved in terms of compactness. For example, all cables are located in channels and the interface panel has the usual convenient lay out at the rear. The new rework station uses the same Auto-Vision-Placer (AVP) Technology, which have been successfully used from the 9.6 series. Existing MARTIN tools can, of course, continue to be used with the new system, as all connecting dimensions conform to the Martin tooling standard. A USB port facilitates the equipment to be connected to the Rework Software Easy-Solder-05.

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