New Autoprofiler and enhanced Energy Management

Wessling, May 2012. MARTIN GmbH introduces a new and improved energy management system and an enhanced Autoprofiler with their EXPERT and HOTBEAM Rework Systems
- to meet the most stringent requirements of the industry.

Higher demands for machine accuracy and process control also call for new Rework system standards.  To meet these evolving requirements, MARTIN is constantly developing and adapting their Rework Stations.  The Nuremburg SMT show saw the introduction of the new energy management, which closely relies on the enhanced Autoprofiler.  With this software tool, users can quickly and simply establish and, as before, save rework profiles. 
The new energy management includes functions such as closed loop control of the underheater, preheating of printed circuit boards, 2°C temperature resolution for top and bottom heating, and a maximum hot gas temperature of 450°C.  Users of the EXPERT systems will now be able to more accurately define process windows for rework processes.  The new Easy-Solder software supports these functions and will be introduced in all EXPERT Rework systems.  Users of existing rework systems can take advantage of the extended range of functions by applying a hardware modification kit. 
Particularly when reworking demanding components such as SMD LEDs, the current innovations realized in the new Easy-Solder show their advantages.  In this example, the extensive use of ground plains and heat conductive substrates represent a real challenge for rework system controls. 
The recently introduced CHG-01 Hot Gas Sensor and the newly optimized Soldering Tools again emphasize MARTIN’s continued commitment to ongoing technological improvements, resulting in high quality, flexible and future proof rework systems.  MARTIN’s technicians look forward to meeting your testing challenges.


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