MARTIN’s Mini-Oven for Reballing and Solder Bumping

Wessling, April 2011. MARTIN GmbH has continued the development of the successful Reball-03 and introduces the MINI-OVEN 04. This stand-alone unit has been designed as an universal compact reflow oven for reballing BGAs or CSPs and for pre-bumping QFNs.

The concept and benefits of the unique hybrid technology used in the MARTIN EXPERT 10.6 rework systems has now expanded to the MINI-OVEN 04. Controlled air circulation ensures that hot air continually flows around the component and thus heats it equally from all sides.
The MINI-OVEN 04 is also available with a nitrogen connection. Particularly for lead-free components, an inert nitrogen atmosphere is advantageous for reballing or pre-bumping, as wetting is improved and solder oxidization is reduced to a minimum.
A menu driven, display-based operation makes the MINI-OVEN 04 very easy to use and offers the option of retrospectively editing the stored programs (up to 99). Advanced control algorithms enable experienced users to precisely optimize heating profiles. Together with the improved sensor location, the component temperature can be determined at any time.
MARTIN’s MINI-OVEN 04 is ideal for the complete QFN solder bumping process, even for the smallest pitches. The reballing function is capable of handling a diverse range of BGAs, as well as QFNs and CS.⇒ Product information


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