EXPERT 04.6IXM: Reworking Heavy Substrates

Wessling, May 2012.MARTIN GmbH has extended the successful EXPERT 04.6 rework station series with a new configuration to rework LEDs and power components on heavy (metal or ceramic) boards.

The new EXPERT 04.6 IXM was  introduced at SMT 2012, Nuremburg  and  created a lot interest.  Single-sided printed circuit boards are placed on a glass plate, which is heated with IR radiators, rated at up to 3000W.  This results in very rapid heating, even when processing large aluminium or ceramic substrates (suitable for sizes  between 30x30mm and 300x300mm).  The system is designed for applications where substrates need to be heated quickly to temperatures up to 200°C  and without overshoot.  LED rework, for example, benefits from high substrate temperatures to facilitate the removal and replacement of individual components from an array.  
Two manipulator arms, each with a movement lock, conveniently and individually carry the placement tool and the hot gas source to cover the  entire working area.  Small components can effortlessly be picked up from a dispenser and precisely placed on the PCB with manual guidance.  Optimized soldering tools precisely conduct hot gas  to the solder joints for gentle heating.  At the end of the reflow process, integrated vacuum cups  automatically lift the components out of the molten solder.  Boards populated on both sides can also be easily processed by.  They  are supported just above the heating plate using the magnetic PCB holders supplied. This allows additional flexibility and freedom to customize processes.
As with all EXPERT systems  in the 04.6 family, this version also includes residual solder removal and dispensing.  Especially when reworking LEDs, cleaning and re-depositing solder are critical steps, which can be  ergonomically handled using  this compact workstation.  The Easy-Solder user softwareand the included Autoprofiler support users in establishing, archiving and executing profiles.  Precise heat management provides the reliability expected of a MARTIN system.  Please talk to one of our technical experts or your local representative to arrange for a product introduction. 


Wessling, May 2012. MARTIN GmbH introduces a new and improved energy management system and an enhanced Autoprofiler with their EXPERT and HOTBEAM Rework Systems
- to meet the most stringent requirements of the industry.

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