Drop by Drop: MARTIN opens new Application Laboratory for customers

Wessling, April 2010. Martin GmbH, specialist in Rework and Dispensing Systems, opens an in-house laboratory to assist customers in finding solutions for specific dispensing applications. Whatever the application: adhesive, grease, oil or solder paste; MARTIN is now ready to sup-port users in individual fine-tuning of parameters. The aim is the precise and reliable dis-pensing from the first to the last dot. The range of supported media is wide: from low viscosity fluids (such as Cyanocrylate), oils and greases to media with fillers (solder pastes). All media can be processed with the same control unit – no need to change systems or equipment ver-sions! Especially interesting is the reliable dispensing of media that change with time; two component adhesives being an example of this.

Competence Centre For Demanding Solutions
Dispensing nice and simple: the MARTIN dispensing system Clever-Dispense-05 is configured in the laboratory according the customer’s requirements. Hard and software should comple-ment each other.
The hardware, ie the syringe, the nozzle (type and diameter) as well as environmental conditions (heating, cooling, vacuum) of the dispensing system are optimally combined. During test runs Martin’s Specialists adjust the dispensing parameters. Optimisation for speed, precision, size of dot and line influences the process details. In-house Dot-Liner Systems are available for this purpose. Particularly demanding applications in the micro system technology can now be reliably optimised in the new Competence.
Always On The Ball
Martin’s experienced Specialists know all there is to know about dispensing. The aim is to advise customers on technical matters while at the same time optimising different processes with test runs. The Application Laboratory is also there to enable prospective customers to enter into complex dispensing technologies. At the same time the very high demands of manu-facturers of, for example, telecom equipment and consumer electronics are recognised and fulfilled.


Wessling, February 2010. The Rework System Expert-10.6XL is MARTIN’s flagship when the soldering and removal of components on large format printed circuit boards is involved. Its special feature is the integrated ...

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