BGA Reballing

  • Pour Solder Balls on Stencil
  • Remove Stencil from Reballing Fixture
  • Readily reballed BGA

Typical faults in electronic assemblies are micro cracks inside interconnects of BGA solder joints. They lead to malfunction of the assembly even so that the BGA chip is full in function. 

De-soldering and cleaning of residual solder from PCB and BGA, re-balling of the chip and finally solder back to PCB may repair the assembly without need of any new component. 

Thus, the application of new solder spheres can restore functional BGAs to full usability. Therefore the components are inserted into a special reballing frame. A stencil with pockets corresponding to the contact pads of the BGA is placed onto the component and the solder balls poured into the apertures until all spaces are filled. Finally, the controlled and gentle reflow process in the MINIOVEN 05 completes the procedure.

MARTIN offer a very large selection of stencils for different BGAs, CSPs, etc. from stock.  It is also often possible to adapt standard stencils by the use of Kapton tape. 
Standard sizes of the frames and stencils cover components from 18x18mm to 52x52mm.  For smaller CSPs specifically designed tools can be made available.  Detailed information is obtainable from your local representative.