GUI Easy-Solder

Intuitive Software Platform

The intuitive GUI supports both administartor and operator to use the rework station most efficiently. EXPERT 10.6 systems use Easy-Solder whereby the systems from EXPERT 04.6 family run Easy-Solder eco.

REWORK Software “Easy-Solder”

Easy Solder” accompanies the user in clear manner through the complete repair process.  Specially useful is the “AutoProfiler”.  The software module produces a profile, based on a few important parameters and the measurements of 2 thermo couples.  Easy Solder offers the following functions:

  • De-soldering of defective components
  • Removing of residual solder
  • Dispensing of fresh solder paste or flux
  • Placement of components
  • Soldering of new components

Each process step can be stored, edited and used again later.  The functions are conveniently displayed and intuitively used.  Protocols can be produced that show the set and actually achieved values.

REWORK Software "Easy-Solder eco"

Rework systems from EXPERT 04.6 family require manual placement processes and therefore operate Easy-Solder eco. This version of Easy-Solder does not support camera function and automatic placement (such as with AVP).