Rework Station EXPERT 10.6

CCD-camera supported rework of BGA, CSP, QFN

The Expert 10.6 rework stations facilitate the reliable and precise rework of BGA-, CSP-, and QFN-components, connectors and sockets. Innovative technologies such as “Advanced Vision Placement”, Hybrid Heating Technology and the intuitively operated “Easy Solder” software ensure safe soldering and de-soldering without the intervention of operators in the soldering process.

  • LED Rework on ceramic substrate
    LED Rework on ceramic substrate

These compact rework stations are, in addition to soldering and de-soldering, suitable for removing residual solder and for dispensing fluxes and solder pastes.  With the software Easy Solder all rework profiles are easily managed. Convenient App Tools support implementation of important additional processes, such as flux dipping, printing solder paste onto QFNs and handling of very small SMDs.

The EXPERT 10.6 product family offers a comprehensive selection of Hybrid and IR Underheaters to ensure ideal conditions for different rework applications.  MARTIN offers various options and tools for optimizationof each application.

EXPERT 10.6 Rework Stations

BGA- and Socket-Rework Station with large size Hybrid-Bottom-Heater


Semi-automated hybrid-rework system for CSP, BGA, sockets, connectors, etc. with additional functions solder removal and dispense. Designed and optimized for rework of large size PCB.

Bottom heater (hybrid):

1200 W - 5000 W

Top heater (hot gas):

300 W

Board size (max):

480 mm x 480 mm

Foot print:

1030 mm x 630 mm

CSP-, BGA-Rework Station with Hybrid Bottom Heater


Semi-automated hybrid-rework system for QFN, CSP, BGA, sockets and connectors with additional functions solder removal and dispense. Designed and optimized for rework of mid size PCB.

Bottom heater (hybrid):

600 W - 3000 W

Top heater (hot gas):

300 W

Board size (max):

300 mm x 300 mm

Foot print:

865 mm x 460 mm

CSP QFN rework station with IR Bottom Heater


Semi-automated rework system for QFN and CSP with additional functions solder removal and dispense. Designed for rework of small PCB like from smart phones, tablet PC or sensor applications.

Bottom heater (IR):

110 W

Top heater (hot gas):

300 W

Board size (max):

80 mm x 100 mm

Foot print:

600 mm x 360 mm

Options and Accessories

Solder Nozzles

Perfect thermal treatment of SMD and PCB in REWORK is done by hotgas solder nozzles. This increases the yield and enables rework of special components / arrangements.

Placement Tools for µSMDs

Smallest SMDs down to size 0402 are handled securely with µSMD placement tools. Using high resolving camera images the placement can be proven with good contrast in the system monitor before reflow. This makes rework of i.e. µBGA to become a standard process.

APP Tools

Important process steps in rework are supported by App Tools in simple and intuitive manner. There are tools available for dipping of BGAs in flux or solder paste. Also QFN components with solder paste printed on the contact pads can be handled easily with APP tools.

IR Temperature Sensor

The continuous measurement of PCB temperature is realized by the reliable and contact free operating infrared (IR) sensors. This provides max. process control. Software features like START-TEMPor PRE-TEMP can be applied w/o putting additional sensor tip on the PCB.

Side Camera

The very compact USB side camera with integrated LED illumination deliver color images with high resolution of 1200x1024 pixel. Two available lenses provide high resolution pictures even of scenes with fine structures.


Frequent control of the hot gas source by the user on site is possible using CALIB HOTGAS 01 tool. The tool is easy and convenient to use and provides a calibration feature too. I any case a document is created i.e. for use in of audit.

PCB Support for EXPERT and HOTBEAM 05

The secure and still flexible PCB fixation in EXPERT rework systems and HOTBEAM underheaters is realized with clamps and holders from 40,5 PCB Support family. Three different Flex-Support bars provide additional PCB support from underneath. This becomes important when using large scale PCB. s


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