Dot Volume Determination

The Adhesive Volume Meter facilitates precise adjustment and control of production parameters for adhesive application.

Such measurements can be taken easily and speedily on the spot through use of the Adhesive Volume Meter.

The process is based on confirming the adhesive quantity to a gap. For this purpose, the adhesive is formed to a thin disk whose diameter can be easily determined through use of the glass object holder.

The unit was specifically designed for use in SMD technique and can be employed for adhesives, solder pastes etc. up to a extreme degree of viscosity.

Uniform quality of glued joints results in increased reliability of fitted pc boards and in a reduction of the number of rejects.



Measuring Range

0.010 mm³ to 3.0 mm³ 

(= 0.012 mg to 3.6 mg adhesive)

Component Parts

  • Measuring plate
  • Glass object holder
  • Measuring template
  • Operating instructions
  • Box

Product Brochure