Temperature Control

Reliable dispensing results in warm environment

The viscosity of solder paste is highly dependent on its temperature.  MARTIN dispensing systems have temperature compensation built into the dispensing nozzles, which guarantees a high level of process stability.

However, in particularly warm locations and/or where the sun can temporarily increase the media temperature, that in the syringe might rise above recommended levels for dispensing.  In such circumstances a stable process cannot be guaranteed without temperature control.

The cartridge is loaded into the cooling head. the control unit becomes part of the DOTLINER machine head it is supplied from the main control unit. Assuming an ambient temperature of 30°C the medium can be cooled down to 20°C. Two types of cooling modules are available:

Cooling Module   5ccm  Art.# DK02.0002
Cooling Module 10ccm  Art.# DK02.0003