MARTIN JET DISPENSE 06 can be used with materials from a wide range of viscosity. A nozzle heater is part of the dispense module and enables adjustment of material viscosity, dispensing of smallest dots and suppression of spitting effects. 

The JET DISPENSE 06 operates with the electro-pneumatic principle: A highly defined air pulse is applied on the plunger of JET DISPENSE 06 module and shoots it into the calotte which is part of the JET DISPENSE 06 nozzle. The mechanical impact pushes out material through the nozzle tip. A small droplet flies through air until it reaches the substrate. The valve operate with high frequency and provide superior dispense repeatability.

The jet modules can be connected to CLEVER DISPENSE 06 and PROFI DISPENSE 06 control devices. To operate JET DISPENSE 06 no further electrical unit is required. MARTINs PC software supports control of all parameters and options. For system integration a nice feature: Communication between machine computer and dispense control unit via low level protocol is possible using USB or TCP/IP interfaces. Since jet dispensers aremainly used in automation, MARTIN supports with support of CAD and electrical interface description. 

Feasibility studies can be carried out in MARTIN labs and defines parameter as wall as the right type of nozzle. They are available with various properties (material, diameter and geometrical shape) to support successful jetting of almost every material. 

Standard Equipment

  • Dispense module
  • Standard plunger
  • Nozzle heater 
  • Interface cable
  • (nozzle not included) 

Technical Data

Dispense Volume >1nl
Viscosity 10 - 105 mPas
Accuracy / Repeatability 97% (3% Tolleranz)
Frequency 280 Hz
Switching time 2ms - ?
Nozzle heater 90°C max
Material Pressure 0,2 - 7 Bar
Operating Media Perrsurzied Air, oil free, filtered (max. 40 µm)
Operating Pressure 4-7 bar
Life time >100 Mio switching cycles
Weight 280g
Operating Temperature +5 … +40°C
Safety Safety Class II, IP 65
Valve Type NC (normally close)