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Company Background

Bernhard Martin started the company in 1982. While he was still studying for his Graduate Engineer’s Degree Bernhard developed the first European Adhesive Volume Measuring Device and used this innovation to start his career. Numerous developments and patents followed in the fields of dispensing and rework. Over the years he expanded the range of equipment by introducing complementing units and well-rounded systems. Today MARTIN GmbH, with about 30 staff, is among market leaders in its fields and is represented internationally by a tightly woven network of dealers.

In 2009 FINETECH GmbH, Berlin (www.finetech.de) acquired Martin GmbH, including its know-how and staff. The new owners thus expand their product range with manual and semi automatic rework systems. Martin GmbH will, however, remain a freestanding organisation and continue to offer its products and services. MARTIN will carry on with technological developments and the provision of equipment that suits current and future market requirements. The commitment to high quality and reliability remains unquestioned. 

For the group of companies distribution channels of both organisations will be used to increase market share and efficiency.


25 Years MARTIN Technology

Adhesive Volume Gauge

n the permanently shrinking size of electronic components of the emerging SMD technology the founder of the company, Bernhard Martin, recognised a promising new field of work: he concentrated at first on dispensing, started the company while still a student and opened new perspectives for the technology of small dots with the development of an Adhesive Volume Gauge.

SMD Compact Unit (DBL 01)

A few years later MARTIN GmbH developed a microprocessor controlled SMD Compact Unit (DBL 01) for soldering, dispensing and placement on printed circuit boards: 1989 a novelty in the SMT world.

IR Underheater

MARTIN achieved a milestone for increased quality in reworking PCBs in 1991 with the innovation of an IR Underheater. Not only a new product but also a key technology for rework!


The introduction of the DOTLINER in 1997 set new standards for the automatic dispensing of micro dots and lines; a further major step in precision and cost effectiveness by MARTIN.

Auto-Vision-Expert 09.5

With the introduction of the new Auto-Vision-Expert 09.5 in 2005 MARTIN achieved remarkable success. After almost a thousand units sold of the previous model this enhanced version quickly became the world-wide standard for the rework and repair of mobile phones.

Hybrid Technology

2009 saw the appearance of Hybrid Technology into the realms of rework. MARTIN’s new Underheater works with IR radiation and is supported by a gentle flow of hot air. The result is an optimised temperature distribution, which enables boards with reflective surfaces (ceramic, copper, gold) to be processed with greater ease. This technology is used in the systems 10.6 und 10.6XL .